Intelligent system for data-driven beekeeping

For beekeepers who want to maximise honey yield by mitigating risks and enabling informed decisions, we provide Smart Beehive Scales, helping to evaluate the strength of a colony and take advantage of peak blooming periods.

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Our mission is enabling bees to share climate knowledge through real-time data.

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How it works

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We Deliver Your Device

Delivery within the Baltics countries for FREE to pick-up at your closest Omniva parcel machine.


Simple Installation

Place the scales under a beehive to start monitoring data in our web app. Support is always available for technical questions.


Your beehive monitoring system


Beehive Scales

  • Web App
  • Hourly Telemetry Data
  • FREE SIM card
sensor node

Sensor Node (coming soon)

  • Web App
  • Sound Monitoring
  • FREE SIM card

Works with any hive:

  • Beehive weight (up to 200 kg)
  • Apiary temperature
  • Apiary humidity
  • Web application (mobile-friendly)
  • LTE-M/2G mobile network
  • FREE SIM card (up to 10 years of usage)
  • Email Reports and CSV/XLS data export
  • Rechargeable battery (1 year)
  • Weatherproof and stable against wind

Capture The Right Time

Take advantage of peak blooming periods during the active season to yield more honey.

Maximise Production

Evaluate the strength of a colony and make sure they are ready for major nectar flow.

Gain Insights From Data

Optimise your workflow, keep track of your results, and eliminate unnecessary trips to the apiary.

Get Critical Notifications

Receive a daily SMS with the latest data values and 24h delta calculation.

Questions? Get in touch!

We're developing multiple devices to collect sensor data from beehives such as weight, brood and apiary temperature, hive and apiary humidity, and sound frequency. Smart Beehive Scales are available for purchase.