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Use our smart beehive scales to monitor your hives during peak blooming periods.


Why use smart beehive scales?

Capture the Right Time

Take advantage of peak blooming periods during the active season.

Maximise Production

Evaluate the strength of a colony and make sure they are ready for major nectar flow.

Get Critical Notifications

Receive a daily email report about beehive weight changes and analyse historical data.

Just three steps away from more honey

User-friendly beehive scales for effective beehive monitoring. Temperature and humidity in the apiary are also measured. Data is captured once per hour and displayed in a web app. Free SIM card and use of LTE-M mobile data for 6 months.
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Smart Beehive Scales

1. Shop

Go to our online store to find out all the details and make your order by paying with card.

2. Ship

Delivery within the Baltics for FREE to your closest Omniva pick-up location.

3. Install

Place the scales under a beehive to start monitoring weight in our web app. Support is always available for technical questions.

Due to high demand order delivery currently takes up to 6 weeks. By ordering now you acknowledge that you will receive the Smart Beehive Scales until 11.04.2021.

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