Data-driven beekeeping.

Beehive monitoring system that helps beekeepers maximise production by eliminating risks and enabling informed decisions.

Smart Beehive Scales

How are sensors used in beehives?

Brood Temperature

Helps to indicate broodless state, preparations of swarming, and an absent or non-laying queen.

Hive Humidity

Helps to indicate the strength of a colony, nectar flow, and a need for increased hive ventilation, hence, avoiding condensation.


We’re researching sound measurements in hives to provide alerts about swarming, diseases and other distress factors in the future.


Gives accurate information of honey production and indicates the strength of the colony, while also maximising nectar flow.


Receive an alert if the hive is moved or knocked over.


Receive an alert and exact location if the hive has been stolen. Optional add-on.

Smart Beehive Scales

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User-friendly beehive scales for effective beehive monitoring. Temperature and humidity in the apiary are also measured. Data is captured once per hour and displayed in a web app. Free SIM card and use of LTE-M mobile data for 6 months. The smart beehive scales enable beekeepers to fully benefit from blooming days when bees are most productive and to find nectar-rich locations for their apiaries.

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Ru Wikmann
Co-founder & CEO

Technology enthusiast with a marketing background. Self-taught web developer.


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Co-founder & CTO

Electronics engineer. Experienced in IoT system development.


Krists Jirgens
Technical Architect & Advisor

Software architect at LMT, the largest Latvian mobile telecommunications service provider.


Jānis Kronbergs
Apiculture Industry Advisor

Passionate beekeeper. Regional lead and mentor at Latvian Beekeeping Association. Development manager of BeeKing.