hive scales

Smart Beehive Scales

User friendly hive scales for effective monitoring of honeybee colonies in both winter and summer. Weight, ambient temperature and humidity data are read once per hour. The subscription includes technical maintenance as well as an upgraded version every 3 years.

BeeSage software subscription includes the use of our web app on a computer and smartphone, a SIM card with the necessary mobile data connection, data storage in the cloud, as well as unlimited data export in CSV/XLS/XLSX formats.

+ subscription

Initial cost per unit: 126.99

Total:126.99+ VAT (if applicable)


  • Beehive weight (absolute)
  • Daily weight change
  • Ambient temperature
  • Map with location (safe from theft)
  • Web application (mobile-friendly)
  • FREE SIM card (data usage included)
  • Email Reports and CSV/XLS data export
  • Rechargeable battery (USB charger included)
  • Weatherproof and stable against wind