hive scales

Smart Beehive Scales

User friendly hive scales for effective monitoring of honeybee colonies in both winter and summer. Weight, ambient temperature and location data are read once per hour.

Only works with BeeSage software subscription (learn more)

149 hardware cost (one-off)

9.99 software subscription

16 shipping

Monthly subscription

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Total: 158.99


  • Beehive weight
  • 24h weight change
  • Ambient temperature
  • Map with location (safe from theft)
  • Critical alerts
  • Web app (mobile-friendly)
  • Works with any hive
  • FREE SIM card (data usage included)
  • CSV/XLS/XLSX data export
  • Rechargeable battery (USB charger included)
  • Weatherproof and stable against wind

Capture the right time for actions

Take advantage of peak blooming periods during the active season to yield more honey.


Maximise production

Evaluate the strength of a colony and make sure they are ready for major nectar flow.


Gain insights from precise data

Optimise your workflow, keep track of your results, and eliminate unnecessary trips to the apiary.


Get critical notifications

Receive your weekly report by email, as well as alerts for unexpected changes like beehive removal.